EIT Climate-KIC RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) Accelerator Application
EIT Climate-KIC RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) Accelerator Application
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Welcome to your application!

Some helpful information in advance:
As a successful application will lead to a contractual relationship, it is very important that we find out through this application whether your start-up is a company (legal entity) or a team (no legal entity) and who will be our main contact person in both cases. We will inform you about the contract at a later date in case of a successful application.

To get an overview of the whole application form, you can download the survey as PDF.

It depends on the maturity of your start-up how long it will take you to answer all questions. Note that after a certain time of inactivity the survey session can time out so either finish the suvey in one go or save your answers before leaving for a longer time.

You have the possibility to save your answers at any time by clicking the "Resume later" link to continue the survey at a later time or date. You then have to enter a user name and password of your choice and can also enter your email to receive a link to resume the survey. When not entering your email you can simply enter the survey URL again and click the "Load unfinished survey" link to resume the survey after having entered user name and password. Please check your spam folder if it takes a long time to receive the ”resume later” mail with your password and the link to continue the survey.
Once you have resumed a survey, the previously entered user name and password will be deleted from the database and you have to click the "resume later" link again if you want to resume a second time.

When you are finished and have had a final look at it, press "submit". You will then have no chance to change your answers.

Now be focused & good luck!

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